The Course Coordinator is the most responsible position in the Perspectives Task Force. Coordinators are responsible for the overall organization of the class. They supervise the carrying out of all task force functions. It is their role to ensure that all elements of the classroom environment contribute to an optimal learning experience for each student. They are responsible to ensure that members of the Task Force carry out their assignments smoothly to run a class with excellence.

Coordinators develop practical plans, encourage the members of the task force, exercise good stewardship of the program, and lead all those who are involved with the course to a deeper personal knowledge of God's ways and a greater understanding of His heart for the world.

Coordinating Perspectives involves multiple skills. The best coordinators are able to maintain warm and healthy relationships with their own Task Force, their students, the hosting facility and the Bangalore Office. At the same time, relationships alone do not result in a successful class. Hard work, discipline and organization are necessary to bring together all the elements of Perspectives to work for God’s glory.

If you’re interested in becoming a Perspectives Coordinator, simply contact us.. You will be given training and would be invited at the next opportunity, or you could propose to coordinate a class yourself. To coordinate the first class, you would also be mentored by an experienced coordinator.

Access coordinator resources here.