Perspectives Course Details

 God is on the Move

God has been moving among the nations to show Himself as the true God and to reconcile people to Himself through Jesus. Throughout history God has used His people to accomplish His purposes. We are His chosen tools to communicate His salvation to all people of all cultures. God is always seeking strategic participants to aid in carrying out His plan for world evangelization.

Discover the Course He Has Charted

The primary idea is that God will fulfill His purposes. The certainty that He will see it fulfilled makes His invitation to join Him in His mission a matter of privilege. He is enlisting His followers to lead lives of huge significance. Discovering that vision makes this Perspectives course valuable, and perhaps crucial, for any Christian.

We are offering you an opportunity to learn about God’s intentions and actions in the world through this course. You will see God bigger and more majestic than ever before. The Bible will become more purposeful and intent than ever before.

Multiple Perspectives

Each week a different speaker will enlighten you, and you will be motivated to examine your perspective in several different ways:

  • Biblical Perspective
    Understand the Bible as one book with one major theme with practical implications for your life.
  • Historical Perspective
    Discover how God has been working through history to accomplish His ultimate purpose.
  • Cultural Perspective
    Learn how to recognize and overcome barriers to cross-cultural communication. Learn how to serve effectively and pray insightfully for all the peoples of the earth.
  • Strategic Perspective
    Discover how God is achieving His plan for world evangelization. See how your gifts and resources can be strategically used within God’s plans.


Course Details

  • Course Material: Perspectives Notebook version (562 pages). The course has 15 lessons covering one lesson per week. (Contains around one hundred articles written by men and women from both the east and the west)
  • Duration:
    The Course is for 15 weeks. Class are usually held every Saturday for three hours.
  • Course Format: Every week experienced teachers or video will introduce each lesson. The students will study and read the portions through out the week. It takes a minimum of five to eight hours per week for personal study and reflection. At the end of each lesson the student answers questions based on the lesson and submits to the class coordinator.
  • Course Fee: Around Rs.2000 . This fee include the course material, logistics, speakers honorarium and travel…etc. The course fee may vary depending on the location and other factors.
FAQS about Perspectives Course

Who Should Take This Course?

Every Christian should take the course. This course is not just for a specific group or person in the church, it is foundational to all Christians from any denomination.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of God
  • Students and student fellowships
  • Any church member over the age of 13 and under 100
  • Professionals and businessmen
  • Women and Men fellowships
  • Pastors and church workers
  • Church elders and other church leaders
  • Financial supporters of missions
  • Those who pray for missionaries
  • Missionaries on the field

What Are The Different Ways of Taking This Course?

  • The Regular 15 week Perspectives Course
  • Perspectives Intensive Course 15 days
  • Perspectives Online Course

How Much Time is Required?

The regular Perspectives Course will require 7-8 hours of reading each week and a meeting at a common location to listen to speakers and have discussions for 3 hours on a particular day of each week. The overall course duration is 15 weeks.

The Intensive Perspectives Course will 15 full days and will require 6 hours of reading every day besides 3 hours of class.

Want to know what you will learn ?

“There is no course of which I know that will inform, inspire and motivate Christians for world evangelisation like Perspectives … It will stretch your mind, warm your heart and stir your will.”

Billy Graham

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