Were you one of those students who hated history in school? The next two lessons are guaranteed to change that forever. Discover how familiar people and events caused God's kingdom to expand in unfamiliar ways.

This section answers the question: How has Christianity spread to more people groups in spite of hostile forces from within and without? History also shows us what happens when people are not obedient and they hoard their blessing. God usually brings another group to bring judgment on these people.

Lesson 5, Four Men Three Eras, explains a common pattern among missionaries and mission agencies: staying too long and not moving on to pioneer fields. Each time this happens, you will learn how an important leader emerges to proclaim that new frontiers are waiting.

As you read, try and think of the many ways the Gospel has spread throughout the world. Consider the historical events taking place today. How believers respond in these events can determine whether or not unreached peoples are receiving God's blessing.