Someone once said, "All your life decisions are flawed unless you see the world as God sees it."

Do you see the world as God sees it?

Are you restless for God's plan for your life?

You are about to take a journey that may influence the rest of your life. You will be awakened to new insights about God's purpose for you in this world. We pray that Perespectives Fastrak will be a first step to discovering your specific role in God's plan.

Perhaps this on-line course will inspire you to go further and take the more advanced 'Perspectives on the World Christian Movement' course. Over 20,000 people have already completed this course at locations across the Globe.

Take this short, 9-lesson Perspectives Fastrak course seriously and don't underestimate its life changing influence. The sum of all the lessons will weave together a big picture of the world as God sees it. It will link you to the beginning of time and into the future.

We start with a good foundation-the Bible. Keep your eyes open to the discovery of a golden thread that runs through the Bible. Get a glimpse of how the spread of the gospel has impacted civilizations and shaped history. You will become optimistic as you see how God has been working.

Finally, let this course cause you to reflect on your life and career. Are you making the right decisions? What is the basis for your decisions? Do you have all the information you need to see the world as God sees it?