Who Should Take This Course?

Every Christian should take the course. This course is not just for a specific group or person in the church, it is foundational to all Christians from any denomination.

Who will benefit from the course?

  • Individuals seeking a deeper understanding of God
  • Students and student fellowships
  • Any church member over the age of 13 and under 100
  • Professionals and businessmen
  • Women and Men fellowships, Youth fellowships
  • Pastors and church workers
  • Church elders and other church leaders
  • Financial supporters of missions
  • Those who pray for missionaries
  • Missionaries on the field

What Are The Different Ways of Taking This Course?

The course has been designed to fit the needs of fast paced people.You can fit it in your tight schedule. You can use Site Snagger and read it off line while you are on a long flight or study it over eight weeks. Perhaps you want to print it, then it can be studied with a group.

Do the quiz at the end to evaluate what you learn.

Go through the "Fastrak" at your own pace.

How Much Time is Required?

The Fastrak should take a total of 1 hour per lesson.

Should I Print the Lessons?

We have designed these 9 lessons so that you can print the content pages and create a notebook. But to save paper you can just do a "save as" and you can save the lessons on your computer.