When you benefit from a program, it is natural to want to give back something of yourself to others, by contributing to it. There are number of things you could do to help out in the running of the Perspectives classes.

The area you choose to get involved in would depend on:

  • how much time you would like to volunteer

  • your areas of interest.

Things you could do:

1. Grading Assignments and Exams

What is involved

You will be provided guidelines on how to grade answer sheets and tools to help you do this. You will have to grade a percentage of the total number of assignments and exams for 11 weeks

Who can do this

Anyone who feels they can allot a 1-2 hours slot a week can do this. Many of the graders in Bangalore have been housewives.

If you have an interest in helping students learn, you would make a good grader

Time commitment

1-2 hours every week

2. Child Care

What is involved

You need to engage children 2-12 years old for 3 hours a day with stories, songs, games, and activities to keep them occupied during the time of the Perspectives class. This would be for e hours a day, once a week for 11 weeks

Baby sitting for babies below 1 year. This would be for three hours a day, once a week for 11 weeks

Who can do this

If you enjoy playing with children, you would like helping out this way. Your ability to identify with children would be a great asset for this job. This would free up the mother/parents to attend the classes.

Anyone with the patience and interest to baby-sit so that the mother is free to attend the classes.

Time commitment

3 hours a week

3. Registration

What is involved

Managing the student registrations on the first day of the Perspectives class. Involves collecting the registration forms, distributing textbooks, collecting payments etc.

Who can do this

If you have the habit of doing your work in a very organized manner, you would do a good job in registrations. Any experience you have handling accounts, or administrative or support functions might be useful in this job

Time commitment

1-4 hours (on the first day of Perspectives course )

4. Finance Management

What is involved

Preparing a Budget for the class and coordinating matters related to income and expenses.

You will need to be part of the Perspectives Task Force which meets to plan the course few months in advance.

Who can do this

If you have an interest in finance or accounts, you would like this job.

Time commitment

A few hours a month

5. Moderator

What Is Involved

Overall management of the class

Moderating the discussions, introducing the speakers, tying up the different elements of the course together, maintaining the flow of the course by providing the link between the lessons etc.

Who Is It For

You should have a keen interest in facilitating the learning of the students

You should have a good understanding of the Perspectives content and ethos and what Perspectives stands for

Time commitment

5 hours a week

6. Hospitality / Class Support

What is involved

Provide hospitality and administrative/logistics support. This might involve welcoming visitors, organizing refreshments, arranging for overhead/LCD projector, microphones, arranging for directional signs outside, arranging the class room etc

Who can do this

Anyone who has willingness to help out. If you have an attitude of service, it would be a great asset for this job

Time commitment

3 hours a week

7. Speaker Care

What is involved

Contact the Speaker one week prior to class. Confirm all arrangements such as housing, (if the speaker is from out of town) transport, meals, equipment needed etc. You may need to send information to speakers with directions on how to get to the class location. You would need to make sure that the Speaker is aware of the format of the class and the cross section of the type of students.

Who can do this

Anyone who has willingness to help out. Those who have an interest to serve would be great assets for this job

Time commitment

3-4 hours a week

8. Other Roles:


Function Description


Advertising the course, contacting interested parties

Worship leading:

Is responsible to set the tone for the class through Scripture reading, Devotional time or Music

Prayer coordination:

Organizes prayer for speakers, for classes and students and other related activities


Registration, textbooks, prepare class list; explain course options; coordinate with FES Office

Class Support

Oversee facility; arrange use of A/V equipment i.e. Overhead projector, VCR; organize microphones. Arrange for outside directional signs guiding the students to the location of the class.

Program enrichment:

Games, Skits or other special presentations


Preparation of all documents for distribution to students: Folder, Calendar, Weekly announcements, Name tags, class list in coordination with registrar for distribution

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